Engine Of Change

The Art of Activism is a series of events that celebrate the work of extraordinary leaders. Each program is designed to provoke, inspire, and engage audiences, making a positive impact on their lives that follows them into the world. 

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Kontent Films launches Motive...

Media is anything.

Motive is everything.


Created for Mountain Dew and Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Media, DewTV is an MTV on-air promotion and content program supporting the launch of DEWmocracy’s nationwide consumer voting to choose the new Mountain Dew flavor. Viewers are given the chance to take over the MTV airwaves and program the network to watch the music and shows they want to watch.

Holiday Sweater Amnesty

Holiday Sweater Amnesty is the response to two pressing societal problems: criminally ugly sweaters and criminally cold people. Every Winter, thousands of people die in the streets from exposure. While every day, as many good citizens suffer retinal damage being forced to look at style-offending reindeer cardigans. Solution? Drop-off box clemency for ugly sweater wearers, which are then transformed into life-giving blankets for those chronically bereft of warmth. Ugly weaves, beautiful deeds.


Welcome to Motive, a new kind of social media company that combines strategic ideation, production, activation, and syndication under one creatively-bursting roof. Motive supercharges Kontent Films' core production output with multi-channel platforms designed to motivate consumers wherever they click, post, shop, care, and live. Motive’s motive – meaningful interaction between brands and the people who love them – recognizes that consumers in a post-advertising world define their relationships to brands on their terms, not ours. Shareable, participatory brand experiences start online, but must expand into a fourth dimension of authentic, real-world value. By igniting award-winning content with transmedia storytelling, Motive matches marketing goals with deeper aspirations shared by consumers and brands alike. Motive is about sparking belief and turning it into lasting and measurable action. Media is anything. Motive is everything. Can we motivate for you?

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