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Ron David Walter




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San Francisco

CA 94102

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Let’s do something...

Tried is no longer true. Passive no longer passes. It's time to engage – you, us, and especially them – authentically, creatively, and everywhere.

At Motive, we find brand-specific conversation starters and turn them into culturally-relevant, long-tail content programs, supported by madly-strategic media platforms. We start by getting to know you. Then, we get to know the people who could, should,

and already do love you.

Which leads us to one, defining, pitch-perfect action statement – the motive. A socially-combustible, fissile foundation that we build out in all pertinent directions. All the while, directing and managing the blast spread – until measurable, actionable, and sustainable results are achieved.

Socially-relevant brands find people early, lead them to new worlds, connect to their passions and needs, and help them embrace a more expansive definition of who they are. They excite, inspire, and empower, in useful and tangible ways.

Simple, right? Well, no.

It's more work than traditional advertising, but more fulfilling, too – by a long shot. Success includes, but goes beyond, spreadsheets. Do our job right, and your customers become friends for life. And your partners in communication.

Shakespeare said, "We are advertis'd by our loving friends." Let's give them something to talk about. Let's do something. Let's motivate.

Kontent Films is five award-winning directors who bring big vision and low overhead to an industry sorely in need of both. Proprietary digital workflow and a dedicated indie ethos enable us to sherpa projects at competitive prices from production to post, inspired and in-house. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

Whether it's traditional broadcast, web video, branded feature or short – we're agnostic. We believe in cinema and story. And how to work twice as creatively with half the line items. Our way is not just a matter of economics, but an awakening to a new paradigm of filmed content creation. Indie movies. Indie music. Why not indie commercial production?